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I’m here to be a resource for you, sharing my experiences over the last decade and helping you understand how you can build your own freedom.

In 2015, when I went solo, I had helped many clients build their business websites and I felt like that’s all I needed to know. I was wrong. Building the website was one thing, but understanding the why, what, and how behind it was something completely different and foreign to me.

That’s where the idea for this site came from. An idea to help you and people like you to start, build, and grow your way to freedom. It doesn’t matter if you’re just toying with the idea or if you’ve already built a successful company and want to expand, the ideas and purposes behind them work the same.

Below you can check out the next steps I recommend or you can click here to read about my story.

What's Next?

I’m going to assume you’re not here by accident so let’s talk about what the next steps are. Click on where you’d like to go next and if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me.


The tools I use every day to run my business & stay in constant communication with my audience.

The Blog

Get new tips, tricks, and insights into how you can grow your business, what others are doing, and how you can implement it.

Work With Me

If you need results faster or need some assistance, I'm here to help. You can schedule a meeting with me to talk about your current set up and where you'd like to take it.

Working with Lee has been awesome... Not only does he do what he says he will, his advice is great.. I know when I refer him to a friend or colleague he will take care of them... Highly recommend him.
Donnie Boivin
Success Champions Podcast
Very straight forward individual to do business with and very thorough with with his explanations on why he can make you successful especially comparing his services to whatever you may or may not be currently using.
Juventino Gaytan
JG Tax & Notary Services
Lee is not only a very knowledgeable person on all things internet. Lee has also helped me with WordPress, email integration and sales funnels. Can't say enough about how great it is to work with him.
Donald Dodson
Dodson Designs

This is Personal for me

In 2008 I left the Army thinking I was going to have every opportunity presented to me. I was told that my service would open doors I never thought of. And while my recruiter didn’t lie to me, he didn’t tell me the whole story either. Doors did open for me once I left, the problem was those doors led me down a long and dark path.

In 2015, I decided to leave the last job I’ll ever work. I had 7 years of freelancing under my belt and I thought I would be able to find enough clients to sustain my lifestyle and care for my 15-month-old son. I can admit I was way too ambitious. I had no new clients, I had no real concept of marketing, and I thought I could get by on finding clients from Craigslist and Facebook. That taught me a whole new skillset… Patience. 

I had also learned a few other skills while in the Army that have paid dividends over the years, and that’s being resourceful and resilient. So I kept grinding, I connected with people who were better than me, and I learned what they did and then made it my own. Today, I have been able to help create millions in revenue that has been used to change the lives of my clients and their employees.

I’ve created this site to help others by sharing my knowledge and working with companies that are looking to change their situation. This isn’t about money. Money is a by-product. It’s about focusing on the people that will fuel your company for years to come. It’s about changing the game and doing good with your time on this planet. It’s about making a difference that will last not one generation but the many to come. If this sounds like something you’re into, join us, we’d love to have you!
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